Salted Concrete Finish

Salted Concrete Finish is a traditional and easy method for adding subtle texture and slip resistance to plain concrete or colored concrete.

A Salted Concrete Finish is considered a step above Plain Concrete Finish and Brushed Concrete Finish and is achieved by broadcasting rocksalt particles over wet concrete and then press the grains into the surface with a float or roller. After the concrete sets the salt is disolved and removed with a pressure cleaner, revealing a speckled pattern of shallow indentations on the concrete surface, similar to the appearance of slightly pitted, weathered rock.

However with the growing popularity of Stamped Concrete Finish, the use of Salted Concrete Finish has been waning and many homeowners aren’t even aware of Salted Concrete Finish as an option.

This is unfortunate because a Salted Concrete Finish still has a lot going for it and is far too attractive to be considered obsolete. While a Salted Concrete Finish isn’t elaborate, it has a distinctive look not achievable with any other method. Even better, if the concrete is sealed you can achieve a perceivably expensive decorative concrete finish on a budget.

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