Concrete Reinforcing

Concrete reinforcing steel or commonly referred to as reo or rebar – is a steel bar or steel mesh used in concrete construction to increase its tensile strength and hold the concrete in compression.

Concrete reinforcing steel bar and concrete reinforcing steel mesh is tied together using tying steel wire and plastic spacers called chairs (Slab-on-Ground Spacers, Wire Chairs, Wire Trench Mesh Clips, Plastic Trench Mesh Supports, Plastic Continous Bar Chairs, Concrete Block Spacers, Clipfast Spacers, Deck Chairs and Fastwheels) are used to separate the reinforcing steel from the concrete formwork and establish concrete cover height and ensure proper embedment is achieved.

Concrete reinforcing steel bar (Deformed Reinforcing Bar, Swimming Pool Reinforcing Bar, Round Reinforcing Bar, Starter Bars, Corner Bars and Ligatures) and concrete reinforcing steel mesh (Square Reinforcing Mesh, Rectangular Rienforcing Mesh, Trench Mesh) comes in different sizes and gauges depending on the structural engineering requirements for your concrete slab.

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