Concrete Volume Calculation

How to Calculate Volume
Concrete volume is measured in cubic meters (m3)
1 cubic meter (1m3) can be visualised by drawing a cube 1 meter wide x 1 meter tall x 1 meter depth.

To calculate the concrete volume of a concrete slab you multiply the length, width and depth of the concrete slab to get an estimate of the amount of concrete you need in cubic metres m3.

For example:

To estimated the volume of concrete required for a garden shed concrete slab floor 4m long by 3m wide and 0.1m thick (100mm or 10cm), is calculated as follows:

Estimated Volume = 4m x 3m x 0.1m = 1.2m³

Make sure when ordering premixed concrete that you allow for 10% wastage in your calculation.
1.2m³ + 10% = 1.32m³

It could be said that there is an art to calculating the correct volume of concrete required for pouring a slab, taking into consideration internal footings, edge beams and splaying. For a first time novice this can be a frustrating and sometime expensive lesson.
So leave it to the experts!

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