Concrete Screeding

Wet concrete weighs approx. 2300 to 2500kg per m3 and should be placed as near as possible to its final position and depth to facilitate the concrete screeding process.

Excessive handling to distribute and bring the concrete up to the desired level, can lead to segregation of the aggregate and is not advised.

Screeding is the process of using a light weight aluminium straight edge tool for cutting or “Strikeoff” excess wet concrete to bring the top surface of the concrete to the correct grade and smoothness.

Screeding is some what of an art and for a project where the final finish of the concrete slab is of up-most importance – it is strongly advised that you contact a Thundercrete expert concretor.

Whether your working on a home DYI and need some assistance or a builder looking for a team of fully qualified professional concretors – Call Thundercrete on: 0410 859 829 for a friendly, reliable, concrete service.