Plain Concrete

Plain Concrete is the worlds most widly used building material. From construction of skyscrpaers, bridges, roads down to the surban house slab. More frequently concrete is being used in architectural structures based on the emphasis of it’s raw visual aesthetics. Concrete is inherently durable, fire-resistant, low maintenance, energy efficiency and environmental friendly.

Plain concrete is the basis of all concrete construction – it’s very popular and affordable. Plain Concrete can be finished raw with the option to resurface the concrete at a later date with a decorative concrete finish. If you are concreting on a budget plain concrete can be finished relatively cheaply with a brushed concrete finish or a salted concrete finish.

With new concrete the design options are endless as concrete can assume any shape, design, texture and pattern. It’s important to preplan your concrete project as many concrete finishes can only be implement with new concrete – these include; Stamped Concrete Finish, Full Depth Coloured Concrete and choice of aggregate for Exposed Aggregate Concrete and Polished Concrete.

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