Concrete Expansion Cuts

Residential, Industrial & Civil

Concrete expansion cuts (or concrete control joints) are formed by saw cutting a joint into the concrete surface during finishing. This effectively weakens the concrete along the cut line in an effort to force the concrete slab to crack where you want it to, in a straight line instead of randomly. Planned cracks allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. When the slab does crack, it’s called “joint activation”.

To minimise visual break up of the concrete slab – concrete expansion cuts or concrete control joints, should be placed under walls or under carpet areas so they won’t be seen. If you plan to polish your concrete slab be active in deciding where control joints will be placed – pre planning can make all the difference.

Thundercrete’s concrete expansion cutting service includes:

    • Concrete House Slab Expansion Cuts
    • Concrete Entertaining Area Expansion Cuts
    • Concrete Driveway Expansion Cuts
    • Industrial Warehouse Concrete Expansion Cuts
    • Commercial Flooring Concrete Expansion Cuts
    • Residential, Civil and Commercial Footpath Concrete Expansion Cuts
    • Any Concrete Application Requiring Concrete Control Joints

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